A sophisticated CRM system provided free of charge, allowing you to easily manage your own portfolio of properties and clients.

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Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • Increase your buying and selling potential, start working with more real estate agents
2 .

Agent Message Service (AMS)

  • The Agent messaging service allows you to send/receive, property and client requests with other agents on the Network.
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Phone Support

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 Phone Support

All features

Both our plans include the following features:

KB/customer Support Section

We have a fully integrated KB system with over a thousand support articles to help you instantly

Training software

We have built training flows to help you navigate through the system and create a user friendly experience

Unlimited Contacts

There is no limit to how many contacts you add to your account

Unlimited Properties and Photos

There is no limit to the number of properties and images you upload to your account

HTML/PDF Generator

Chose and print from over 30 different window card designs

Email Properties

Email property selections directly from the system to your clients

Rental Management

Each property has a rental calendar so you can *manage* your short term and long term rental bookings directly from the system

Rentals and Sales

Manage your rental properties and properties for sale from your account

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