Register Now and Receive Free Access until 1st September 2019

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on 1st year’s service

How will it Work

There are two phases for the property sharing system / MLS:

Phase 1: Free Trial (until 1st September 2019)

Agencies who register during phase 1 will be entitled to free access until 1st September 2019. Plus 50% discount for your first year ( i.e. pay €500 instead of €1,000 ).

Agents who sign up during this phase will:

  • Have their accounts created
  • Will be given access to their accounts within 1 working day. Their properties will be loaded within 3 days.
  • Properties will be loaded via MyHome or Daft where possible. If you do not have a Daft or MyHome feed you have the following options:

Phase 2: Free Trial Finishes (1st September 2019)

Agents who register after this date will be subject to the full price of €1,000 per year.

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